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Enhance Your Skills with Our Specialized Training Courses

Authorized Gas Tester

Ensure safety in hazardous environments with our comprehensive Authorized Gas Tester course. Learn the essential skills to test for gas, understand risk assessments, and perform necessary safety checks.

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment

Master the safe use of lifting equipment and best practices for lifting operations. Our course covers critical regulations, equipment handling, and risk management to prevent accidents and improve operational efficiency.

Use of Work Equipment Regulations

Stay compliant with the latest Work Equipment Regulations. Our training provides in-depth knowledge on the proper use, maintenance, and safety measures for various work equipment, ensuring a safe workplace.

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Where the highest-impact learning for safety-critical industries is involved, trust in expertise is a must.

And, that’s where 3t comes in. At 3t, we are passionate about up-skilling and empowering workforces to ensure a prosperous future where all workers, organisations and our industries thrive.

3t is the combination of world-leading companies that are together transforming training in the energy, and wider safety-critical sectors, combining cutting-edge immersive technology with award-winning high-impact workforce training. By bringing all our companies under the 3t name, we reinforce our standing as a global training powerhouse operating across 60 countries worldwide.

Together, we are training the workforce of the future.