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OPITO Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST) Refresher

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DURATION 30-360mins
EXPIRY   Expires after 4 years


This MIST Refresher has been approved by OPITO (i.e. meets the MIST Further Standard).

Target audience:

This learning and assessment programme is for experienced offshore workers to enable MIST renewal certification every four years.

Aims and objectives:

The aims and objectives of this programme are to impart the knowledge so that learners continue to retain an awareness of the major accident hazards, workplace hazards and associated controls found on offshore installations.

This OPITO-approved course covers the following units and learning outcomes:

Unit 1: Major Accident Hazards

LO1: The Legislative Framework surrounding the offshore environment

LO2: Major Hazards present in the offshore environment

LO3: The significance of an installation’s Safety Case and personal access to the documentation

LO4: The concept of Asset Integrity and employer and employee responsibility for Asset Integrity

Unit 2: Workplace Hazards and Personal Safety

LO5: Typical workplace hazards to be found in the offshore environment

LO6: The relevant IOGP Life Saving Rules associated with typical workplace hazards

LO7: Company Specific Life Saving / Golden Rules

LO8: How Personal Actions might influence safety

LO9: The role of safety committees, safety meetings and safety representatives offshore

Unit 3: Risk Management

LO10: Risk assessment and risk management in an offshore environment

LO11: Risk Intervention Systems

Unit 4: Control of Work

LO12: The principles of a Safety Management System

LO13: Principles and Objectives of a PTW system and how permits are generated

LO14: Personal responsibility in the PTW system

Unit 5: Helicopter Safety

LO15: Key principles of and roles in Helicopter Safety

Course structure:

  • The course is designed to assess your existing knowledge of the topic area, identify any knowledge gaps and then present you with course content that is tailored to address these specific knowledge gaps.
  • You will be asked a series of pre-assessment questions at the start of the unit to test your current knowledge.
  • The result of this assessment then helps to create a personalised course where you will be presented with the specific knowledge that you require to achieve all the required learning outcomes.


Learners must possess:

a) A valid OPITO MIST Initial or valid OPITO MIST Further training certificate PLUS government-issued photographic ID


b) A valid Vantage POB number


c) Have previously worked offshore in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) or Internationally