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From Hazard Identification to Human Factors, Working at Height to Waste Management, our specially curated courses are loaded with the latest content to help equip you with the appropriate skill set for your current career or future ambitions.

As experts in learning and training technology, working with some of the biggest brands globally, we know what’s current and emerging. Freshly created this year, our latest course range covers the top in-demand topics by learners and employers. All conform to relevant industry standards and come with a certificate of completion.

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  • Virtual Reality (VR) learn

    Immersive and engaging, virtual reality (VR) technology takes training to another level.

    Providing highly visual, real replica work environments, professionals can benefit immensely from work-specific scenario learning. VR has many use cases, including; workplace inductions, familiarisation and visualisation, SOP training, role-play, and experiential learning. The benefits of VR as a training mechanism are two-fold; VR has been shown to significantly increase knowledge retention for individuals owing to its immersive nature, while employers benefit from demonstrable productivity gains.


  • Digital Twin-based training

    Digital twins are produced by taking real-world data of an environment or object and converting this into a high-quality, immersive, virtual representation.

    This digital 'asset' can serve multiple functions. Often used as a vehicle for training, testing, and R&D, it provides a 'safe' and 'risk-free' virtual realm. Professionals utilise this true-to-form environment to practice and develop skills and workplace development through job and process-specific scenarios.

    Digital Twins can accelerate individual and organisation learning, reduce operational inefficiencies and associated costs.