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Asbestos Awareness

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Target audience:

All relevant personnel.

Course Goal/Description:

This course provides an overview of the types and properties of asbestos, the risks of exposure to asbestos and the control measures that can be taken to minimise this risk.

Learning Objectives:

LO1 Outline the history of asbestos

LO2 Identify the properties of asbestos

LO3 Describe the main types of asbestos

LO4 Explain where asbestos might be found

LO5 Describe how exposure to asbestos can occur

LO6 Describe the potential consequences of exposure to asbestos

LO7 Explain responsibilities under the Control of Asbestos Regulations

LO8 Explain how to minimise your risk of exposure to asbestos

LO9 Describe the emergency procedures to follow if suspected ACMs have been disturbed

LO10 Explain why a rescue plan should be in place

LO11 Identify the final checks and what to look for when carrying out the work