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Control of Work Awareness

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Target audience:

All personnel.

Course Goal/Description:

This course provides an overview of the Control of Work in the oil and gas industry. It focuses on the principles of Safe Systems of Work, roles and responsibilities, Work Control Certificates, hazard identification and risk assessment, and how work is managed and controlled effectively through effective communication and handovers to ensure safe operations.

Learning Objectives:

LO1 Identify the purpose of Safe Systems of Work

LO2 Identify the legal duties of employers and employees

LO3 Identify the key pieces of legislation that are relevant to control of work

LO4 Identify the main roles and responsibilities involved in the control of work

LO5 Describe the role of the Performing Authority

LO6 Explain the principles of work control, and how work is controlled within typical

permit-to-work systems

LO7 Identify the main types of Work Control Certificates and supporting documentation and explain the importance of cross-referencing

LO8 Recognise the importance of training in the Control of Work system

LO9 Identify the steps involved in risk assessment

LO10 Define key terminology

LO11 Identify the energy sources that can be used to help identify hazards

LO12 Identify common industry hazards

LO13 Recognise the hazards associated with SIMOPs

LO14 Outline the differences between occupational hazards and major accident hazards

LO15 Identify the role of human factors in causing accidents

LO16 Describe the risk assessment process

LO17 Explain the use of the Risk Matrix

LO18 Describe the hierarchy of controls

LO19 Outline the work planning and preparation requirements

LO20 Describe the purpose of toolbox talks

LO21 Explain the importance of dynamic risk assessment

LO22 Explain the importance of stopping the job

LO23 Describe the work completion requirements

LO24 Explain the work suspension and shift handover requirements

LO25 Explain the importance of lessons learned