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Corrosion Awareness

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Target audience:

All personnel.

Course Goal/Description:

This course provides an awareness of the causes and effects of corrosion in the oil and gas industry and identifies controls that may be put in place to prevent and manage corrosion.

Learning Objectives:

LO1 Define what corrosion is and why it occurs

LO2 Describe the chemical process of corrosion

LO3 Describe the safety, economic and environmental impacts of corrosion within the oil and gas industry

LO4 Identify the corrosion mechanisms and describe the common types of corrosion

LO5 Identify the different corrosion zones on an offshore installation

LO6 Identify and describe how corrosion can affect plant and equipment

LO7 Describe how corrosion can impact pipelines

LO8 Describe the corrosion risk caused by dead legs within a pipeline network

LO9 Identify the key parts of an offshore well and describe how corrosion can impact its performance

LO10 Describe the uses of produced water and its contribution to corrosion offshore

LO11 Explain the importance of tracking and monitoring corrosion offshore

LO12 Identify and describe the main methods used to manage corrosion offshore