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Cyber Security Awareness

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Duration: 45 minutes
Language: English

Level: Awareness


Never Expires 


Target audience: All

Course goal/ Description: To provide an awareness of cyber security threats and how to protect devices and systems from cyber attacks

Learning objectives:

LO1: Define the term cyber security

LO2: Describe the legislation associated with cyber security

LO3: Identfy who is responsible for cyber security in the workplace 

LO4: Explain the importance of cyber security in the workplace

LO5: Explain the threat to information security and why people want you or your company’s information

LO6: Describe the different types of cyber threat

LO7: Describe how to protect your devices and systems from cyber attacks

LO8: Describe how to identify and avoid cyber attacks that you may encounter

LO9: Describe how to be cyber-safe in video conference calls

LO10: Describe how to be cyber secure while travelling