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Export Compliance

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Target audience:

All relevant personnel.

Course Goal/Description:

This course provides an overview of the background to export compliance, Export Compliance Laws in terms of trade sanctions and financial sanctions, the implications of US sanctions law on UK exports, and the importance of an export compliance policy, due diligence and the types of unusual behaviour that may represent a ‘red flag’.

Learning Objectives:

LO1 Describe the background to export compliance

LO2 Identify the different types of sanctions and targets

LO3 Explain what trade sanctions or export controls are and their purpose

LO4 Identify the legislation associated with trade sanctions/export controls and the use of the UK Strategic Export Control Lists

LO5 Identify the potential consequences of breaches of trade sanctions/export controls

LO6 Explain what financial sanctions are and the associated compliance requirements

LO7 Recognise the importance of consulting the Consolidated lists of financial sanctions targets

LO8 Identify the potential consequences of breaches of financial sanctions

LO9 Identify the specific sectoral sanctions in place against Russia

LO10 Describe how US law may affect export compliance in the UK

LO11 Recognise the importance of an export compliance policy

LO12 Explain the importance of due diligence

LO13 Identify examples of unusual or suspicious behaviour that represent a ‘red flag’