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Human Factors

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Target audience:

All personnel who wish to understand what human factors are and how they can be applied in the workplace.

Course Goal/Description:

To look at the role that human factors play in an individual’s performance as well as introducing tools and techniques that aim to introduce a positive safety culture with human factors at its core.

Learning Objectives:

LO1: Describe what human performance is

LO2: Give examples which show the link between human performance and accidents

LO3: Describe the role that underlying factors play in causing incidents and accidents

LO4: Describe what human factors are

LO5: Explain the role that human factors play when managing risk within a safety management system

LO6: Describe the consequences of accidents in the workplace

LO7: Explain the differences between unintentional and intentional errors

LO8: Describe situational awareness and how to maintain it

LO9: Give examples of how human factors affect all levels of personnel within an organisation

LO10: Describe a positive safety culture with human factors at its core