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International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Awareness

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Target audience:

All relevant personnel.

Course Goal/Description:

This course provides a detailed overview of the ISPS Code including its role in emergency situations

Learning Objectives:

LO1: Explain the importance of the shipping industry and the role played by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)

LO2: Give examples which show the link between maritime disasters and the creation of new regulations

LO3: Identify the aims of the ISPS Code and to whom it applies

LO4: Identify common threats to maritime security and their costs

LO5: Identify the roles that are responsible for ship security

LO6: Describe the importance of training and drills to achieve competent security teams

LO7: Detail the structure of the ISPS Code

LO8: Describe the three security levels within the ISPS Code

LO9: Describe the purpose of a Declaration of Security

LO10: Describe the structure and purpose of a Ship Security Assessment

LO11: Describe the structure and purpose of a Ship Security Plan

LO12: Describe the importance and purpose of an International Ship Security Certificate

LO13: Identify who is responsible for setting levels of security

LO14: Identify and describe the categories of incidents

LO15: Describe the process for reporting incidents and threats

L016: Identify the records that are required to be kept