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Major Accident Hazards

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Target audience:

All relevant personnel.

Course Goal/Description:

This course provides an overview of Major Accident Hazards and how process safety can provide a framework for management and control. The course looks at what a major accident hazard is, the role that process safety and human performance plays in their day-to-day management, and the importance of maintenance of safety and environmental-critical elements (SECEs) on board an offshore installation.

Learning Objectives:

LO1 Describe the background and history associated with major accident legislation

LO2 Explain the use of the Safety Case

L03 Identify the purpose of the Offshore Installations (Offshore Safety Directive) (Safety Case etc.) Regulations (SCR) and identify other key pieces of legislation

LO4 Explain what is meant by a ‘major accident’ and a ‘major accident hazard’

LO5 Explain the Process Safety ‘3Ps’ and the purpose of a safety and environmental management system (SEMS)

LO6 Explain the difference between personal safety and process safety

LO7 Describe the history of major accidents and explain their influence on safety

LO8 Describe human performance and the link to major accidents

LO9 Describe how the risk associated with major accident hazards can be managed

LO10 Describe how a barrier analysis model can be developed and used to identify and reduce risk

LO11 Explain what is meant by a Safety and Environmental Critical Element (SECE)

LO12 Identify the key pieces of legislation associated with the management of SECEs and the control of major accident hazards

LO13 Explain the maintenance, performance standards, assurance and verification requirements associated with SECEs