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Radar Early Warning Systems

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Target audience:

All personnel.

Course Goal/Description:

This awareness course will cover everything you need to know about the use of radar systems in the oil and gas industry.

Learning Objectives:

LO1 Define what a radar is and how it is used offshore

LO2 Describe how a radar system works

LO3 Identify and describe the key components of an offshore radar system

LO4 Recognise standard symbols on a radar control panel and describe their functionality

LO5 List and describe the factors that can both improve and limit radar performance

LO6 Describe how meteorological conditions can affect radar performance

LO7 Identify and describe methods that can be used to determine whether a collision will occur

LO8 Demonstrate how to calculate the closest point of approach (CPA) and time of closest point of approach (TCPA)

LO9 Interpret Plotting Terms and Abbreviations

LO10 Describe the purpose of Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA) and explain how it works

LO11 Describe what the Automatic Identification System (AIS) is and explain how it works

LO12 – Explain the link between Major Accident Hazards and collision management requirements

LO13 Explain the purpose of an offshore safety zone

LO14 Describe the role and responsibilities of a radar watchkeeper

LO15 Describe the procedure for dealing with offshore emergencies should an errant vessel enter into an offshore installation’s safety zone